I've been meaning to feature InvadeNOLA's most recent endeavor, their new magazine, for quite some time now. Ever since I picked up their beautifully designed analog magazine, I've seen them explode!

The moment they released their latest and state of the art "Guide to New Orleans", I was tripping at just how good it was. Not that I didn't expect great things from Justin Shiels and his team, but It's charm, character, and design are seriously chasing my heart around. Their guide covers a huge range of events and goings on, and does it with great style and grace. I was very very impressed with the photography as well as the dope layout. Kudos for sure. Here's how Justin Describes his latest project...

"My goal with the InvadeNOLA magazine is to create a cohesive product that clearly defines what it means to Invade New Orleans."

It's such a great product, and I'm so super stoked to see what comes next. Be calm and InvadeNOLA. Check out the full issue below hosted by one of my favorite websites on the planet...ISSUU.