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Scott Simon

iHeartnola.com is your guide to Cool-Hunting New Orleans. iHeartnola.com was founded in 2009 by photographer Scott Simon (@trulyscottsimon) as a way to share with everyone the truly unique and interesting things about New Orleans. My focus is on the people, entertainment, art + culture, fashion & style, shops to visit, places to stay, as well as events and things to do around town. With a colorful mix of photography as well as commentary, iHeartnola.com celebrates life in one of the greatest cities on the planet. Thanks for visiting.

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In New Orleans, Every day we Rouler.

“I said this years ago. A friend of mine asked what is New Orleans like? I said New Orleans is like a giant flashing yellow light. Proceed with caution … but proceed. It is not an overly ambitious place, and that’s being complimentary. It has a great identity, and, therefore, it doesn’t look outside itself for intrigue, evolution or labels of progress. People here are proud of their home. You’re proud of your Crescent City. You know your flavor. You know it’s your very own. And if people want to come taste it with you, you welcome them with open arms. But you do not solicit.”

— Matthew McConaughey